Program Introduction

There are statistics available to prove that, healthcare status and its delivery in Pakistan, is a century behind that of developed world. With the vision to improve the situation by capacity building in healthcare management, IBA, has taken initiative, to establish a healthcare management department. This department, has recently launched a Post-graduate diploma (PGD) program in healthcare management (focus in Hospital Management). The decision to launch this program was in view of expansion of local hospitals, new being built and the existing ones with untrained professionals, will definitely be looking for well trained professionals for the management of hospitals and face the competition in market. Furthermore, Pakistan does not have specialized centers for elderly care, which will be needed in future.

Program has been designed in consultation with leading hospitals like Indus Hospital, Memon Medical Institute, Tabba Heart Institute and professionals in the area of hospital and healthcare management. To accommodate the working professionals to pursue their post-graduate studies in healthcare management, it is planned over the weekends.

Local and International collaborations are being pursued. MOUs' have been signed with the Indus hospital and discussions are on with other hospitals. Internationally, understanding with the Medinah Institute of Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILES)-Saudi Arabia and American Institute of Healthcare Quality (AIHQ-USA) have been reached for collaboration.

We intend to expand the horizon of our work in the areas of healthcare insurance, and policy development areas.

Program to be offered:

Post-graduate Diploma in Hospital Management.

A. Course Information:

- The program will be offered to medical, dental, nursing and pharmacy graduates.

- Designed for those, interested in pursuing their career in Hospital and Healthcare Management.
- Geared towards those, working in public or private hospitals and healthcare organizations.
- It will prepare students, in becoming effective leaders in their organizations.

Students: Be able to:

- Apply the learning's in their work set up.
- Use business administration tools for effective hospital management
- Gain an insight to issues of hospital management and learn means to tackle them in a professional manner
- Interact with & learn from practitioners of hospital management
- Learn from highly experiences business faculty, hospital managers/administrators and international trainers
- Increase employment opportunities in health industry

Hospitals: Be able to:

- Have knowledge based leaders for effective hospital management
- Improve revenue and control cost for better sustainability
- Advance working environment to attract better professionals resulting better sustainability
- Learn from global best practices

- Hospital administrators
- Medical directors
- Unit heads of hospital
- Doctors
- Nurses
- Pharmacists
- Other Health Care personnel

Applicant must have a bachelor's degree from HEC recognized educational institution in any area of study (or particularly in Hospital Management). This course is designed for students with following profile:

• Doctors with MBBS/BDS with 2-year experience in hospital
• Nurse Graduates with minimum 5 years experience in hospital
• Other healthcare professionals with 16 years education and at least 2 years work experience in hospital
• 14 years education with 6 years post-qualification work experience.

•• 1-year weekend program ideal for working professionals
• Case Study based teaching
• Real life learning
• Simulations
• Guest speaker sessions
• Industry Trips
• Live Projects
• Video Conferences

The curriculum is based on the principles of adult learning and evidence based management to apply the learning in their practical settings.

- It is a combination of class room sessions and on job-training.
- The teachings encourage critical thinking and practical application of knowledge.
- The course is based on recent updates in the area of Hospital Management.
- During the sessions, opportunities are provided to enhance learning through various methods such as group discussions, case studies, resource sessions etc.

The teaching material focuses on the philosophy of "REST" approach- research, education, systems; to be followed by their training at the work place. The "REST" approach is described as:

A. Research:
a. Enable the students to learn the fundamentals of research.
b. Undertake research on issues related to healthcare management, policy, practice and education.
c. Write publishable research articles and reports.

B. Education:
a. Enable the students to communicate (verbal and written) effectively and learn the concepts of Hospital and Healthcare Management.
b. Understand the principles of adult learning, developing and evaluating educational activities and student assessment.

C. System:
a. Enable the students to adopt systems based approach towards management of healthcare organizations.
b. Focus on various components of Hospital and Healthcare Management through structured learning.

D. Training and Development:
a. To apply learnt concepts for improving management at their work place under supervision.
b. Write a report on the changes implemented along with justification for changes, resistance encountered and measures taken to overcome.

After successful completion of program, the participants will be able to:
- Analyze the contemporary approaches in Hospital Management.
-· Use evidence based approach for Hospital Management.
- Apply epidemiological and statistical concepts for better planning and management of Hospital.
- Apply principles of financial management for priority based resource allocation.
- Demonstrate use of health information systems and technology, for effective management of Hospital and Healthcare Management.
- Use teachings based on supply change, and other general management courses for Hospital and Healthcare Management
- Demonstrate optimized performance within Hospital and Healthcare Management.

- Effectively managed Hospital and Healthcare facility to achieve organizational goal and objectives.
- Career advancement of the participants.
- Capacity building of the healthcare teams within the setting of the participants.

- Aga khan University Hospital
- Aman Health Care Service
- Anklesaria Nursing Hospital
- Batwa Hospital
- Burhani Homoeopathic Clinic
- Denim international
- Dr. Ishrat ul Ibad Khan Institute of Oral Health Sciences, DOW University
- Dr. Ziauddin Hospital
- Elaj Trust
- Fatimiyah Hospital
- Indus Hospital
- Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre
- Jubilee Life Insurance company
- Karachi Hospital
- Karachi Port Trust
- Liaqat National Hospital
- Medical News Group of Publication
- Muller and Phipps Pakistan
- Murshid School of Nursing & Midwifery
- Pakistan Army
- PECHS Trauma and General Hospital
- People's Primary Healthcare Initiative, Sindh
- Saifee Hospital
- Shaukat Khanam Hostpital
- United Energy Power Plant (British Petroleum)
- W. Woodwards Pvt. Ltd.

B. Courses:

Semester I Credit Hours Course Code
Quantitative Methods For Decision Making   MTS506
Managerial Communications   MGT503
Strategic Human Resource Management   MGT512
Applied Business Research   MKT503
Semester II Credit Hours Course Code
Healthcare and Hospital Design   HCM502
Operation and Production Management   MGT510
Supply Chain Management   MKT559
Operational Excellence and Quality Management   SCM548
Semester III Credit Hours Course Code
Corporate Strategy   MGT506
Organizational Behavior and Leadership   MGT557
Business Finance (1)   FIN506
Healthcare Management Information System   HCM503
Projects Credit Hours Course Code
Individual Projects of Research for Publication 4 PRJ701
Management Project 2 PRJ702

Participants will be provided an opportunity of first hand learning in undertaking research, report writing and management skills.

Course List Type
Quantitative Methods For Decision Making Core
Managerial Communications Core
Human Resource Management Core
Healthcare and Hospital Design Core
Operation and Production Management at Hospital Core
Hospital Supply Chain Management Core
Advanced and Applied Business Research Core
Business Finance and Health Economics Core
Healthcare Accounting and Information System Core
Operational Excellence and Quality Management Elective
Health Policy and Management Elective
Corporate Strategy Elective
Marketing in Healthcare Elective
Organizational Behavior and Leadership Elective
Live Project